• jodiesdesignlifeMy latest painting adventure was inspired by the color consultants at Dunn-Edwards @dunnedwards and I'm forever grateful. With their help I decided on 'Deepest Sea' 🤗 It was just one wall but it has honestly changed the way I feel about my whole house. For your FREE paint sample and Free Color Consultation just head over to my blog and click on the direct link! Get ready to feel the POWER OF Paint!! #sponsored #DElivecolorfully #paid #beyondwildimagination #freesamples ...
    Gorgeous Juju hat from my friends at @jujuboutik Don't you just want one!? 😄😍

  • swankonlineI'm diggin this color girl 👏🏻
  • julieakimballI love to sit and contemplate what it must be like to have this creative genius...I love your design style, Jodie...and your sweet voice and face...(which is that of a young-un to me!) Now migraines...get thee the heck outa there and leave our sweet friend alone!!! I miss you when you're MIA.
  • casawatkinsblogIn love 😍
  • eva.amarillaIs perfect!! 👌
  • b3r3_nic301I love it👌🏼
  • jodiesdesignlife@k.a.t.e_family_ Haha! I can dust daily (which of course I don't do!) And there is still dust everywhere! But I feel ya....a little bit of normal is good to see. Believe me, I have dust, diety floors from boys and dogs and lots of dirty laundry. I promise you....you just don't want to see it! 😂😍😘😆
  • jodiesdesignlife@overlookonhighland Haha! I guess I got lucky on that one! 😁😂😆
  • jodiesdesignlife@themorrismanor I miss you too sweetheart!! I miss you too!😍😘😘😘
  • jodiesdesignlife@julieakimball I don't feel worthy of your complements Julie, but I try to let them sink in and fill me up anyway! I just love brainstorming and trying to come up with ideas...I think about it all the time because it is so rewarding and so fun! 😍 thank you for wishing away the headache!! I get them often unfortunately. Today's lasted about 11 hours. By dinner time it was gone, thank goodness. Sending lots of love sweet friend of mine!! 😊😚😘😘😘
  • thewifey__The color is so rich. Just painted my whole house light, now u got me looking at this wall like hmmm... 😚
  • adventuresindecorating1It looks amazing!! Fabulous choice!! 😍
  • cutertudorJust gorgeous color!
  • jodiesdesignlife@thewifey__ I painted it all light this past year too....but an accent wall is an easy addition....and makes all the lighter areas stand out. Actually, with lots of light walls surrounding it's the best scenario for a bold wall. 😊😍
  • jodiesdesignlife@adventuresindecorating1 Thanks Becca!!
  • jodiesdesignlife@cutertudor You're sweet Amy! 😚
  • turquoise_lifestyleOooh, I love this wall color!!
  • my_bdesignd_lifeThat is a beautiful color!!! Amazing pick! 🙌🏻 I love how bold you went- thank you for sharing for #tuesdaysforinspiring!!
  • kimberly_seasonsina1916homegorgeous jujuhat against that dramatic wall!
  • 623designs👌💙
  • homewithkellyWow! 😍 Gorgeous color. Looks amazing. Thank you for sharing for #DIYedAndGoneToHeaven! ❤
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