• lisanne811Spoke with Sallye Rich at 3 Monkeys Fine Gifts and the books will be there tomorrow afternoon. She's hoping we'll have to order more and plans to promote Nurture Home. ❤️ I'm telling you that if there is something you feel is your "creative" you should do it and it's quite alright you do it when time and life allow. God planted it, stuff and life maybe kept it buried.
    Maybe you have something you'd like to do. Maybe you think it's something only others could do. But, maybe you do it anyway because for me, it was just a process, write, pray, write, be brave, be you, pray you honor God and just finish...and submit...that was the only demand I made of me...then pray and wait for His will/decision as to what might happen next. Next steps ordered by God, just take steps, I tell and told myself.
    This is how my story called "Leaving Loved" ended up in this Motherhood Anthology.
    God orchestrated it all, decided it should be.
    So, I know there is a purpose in it all. I pray it touches another's heart, not so much my story; but I know one of the others. There are stories for every mama.
    Having my story in a book is all because of God and opportunity. It's a sweet thing; but, curiously not overwhelmingly grand or exciting. I've settled into the calm and simple joy of it now.
    I'm thankful God has helped me to embrace lightly my story in this book as a gift to be cherished; not an honor, affirmation or accomplishment I walk around wearing for all to see...saying "did you see?" I'm beginning to truly, truly understand humble gratitude. It's a complicated thing, pride. Thank you, Lord for grace thus far and courage and opportunity.
    #motherhoodanthology #iheartmom #opportunitiesofgod #quietconfidence

  • thewritertracyExciting. God is good. Congrats!!
  • lisanne811@thewritertracy Thank you!
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