• chirundujason#1986 #flechewallonne featured some serious tallent, pictured here is the final selection before Fignon went on to win on his own.. but take a look at the top 20 places!
    1 Laurent Fignon (Systeme U) 6hr 24min 39sec
    2 Jean-Claude Leclercq (KAS-Mavic-Tag Heuer) @ 3min 0sec
    3 Claude Criquielion (Hitachi-Marc-Splendor) 3'07"
    4 Greg LeMond (La Vie Claire-Wonder-Look-Maerki) 3'09"
    5 Sean Kelly (KAS-Mavic-Tag Heuer) 3'12"
    6 Joop Zoetemelk (Kwantum-Decosol-Yoko) 3'19"
    7 Steven Rooks (PDM-Gin MG-Ultima-Concorde) 3'20"
    8 Rolf Gölz (Del Tongo-Colnago) 3'21"
    9 Johan Van Der Velde (Panasonic-Merckx-Agu) 3'30"
    10 Charly Mottet (Systeme U) 3'38"
    11 Acacio Da Silva Mora (Malvor-Bottecchia-Vaporella) 3'44"
    12 Emanuele Bombini (Vini Ricordi-Pinarello-Sidermec) 3'54"
    13 Dag-Erik Pedersen (Ariostea) 3'56"
    14 Urs Zimmermann (Carrera Jeans) 4'05"
    15 Yvon Madiot (Systeme U) 4'10"
    16 Bernard Hinault (La Vie Claire-Wonder-Look-Maerki) 4'28"
    17 Theo De Rooy (Panasonic - Merckx-Agu) 4'35"
    18 Robert Forest (Peugeot - Shell-Michelin) 4'52"
    19 Pedro Delgado Robledo (PDM-Gin MG-Ultima-Concorde) 5'18"
    20 Jan Nevens (Lotto-Merckx-Emerxil) 12'15"
    Live coverage of the 2017 Flèche Wallonne from around 14:15 CET today - it is just a shame that in the modern era top tour contenders like Chris Froome and Quintana are too busy doing high altitude training or too chicken to come and play - except Valverde #vivaValverde :-)

  • wakeuptomuffThat's why I love Valverde. People want to paint him the pantomime villain but he's out there every day working like a dairy farmer.
  • chirundujason@wakeuptomuff I cound not agree more - cycling fans want to see their heros race - I think they should make some rule changes - so like marathons, you would need to qualify to get into the Grand Tours - so that would force them to ride the oneday classics and monuments instead of doing this silly altitude training.
  • stamandrewMy money's on Valverde for this one 💪🏻
  • wakeuptomuffBetancur's laid off the sadza and is looking good. Covering the attacks well.
  • pl0w_kingVery nice :)
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