• picturebookbcIt's holiday time for Mr Postmouse and his family! This Posty is so dedicated to his job he packs some mail in his luggage he can deliver on the way! ( employee of the year right here). Join them on their adventures as they relax at the beach, take a cruise on the Rosetta, go on a wild safari, have a camel ride.. dig for treasure...sample Mr Piggy's delicious scrumptious pastries... and there so much more on their itinerary! (these mice know how to holiday!). The illustrations are so imaginative and creative they encourage visual literacy. Allowing the reader to make their own interpretations and encouraging conversations about what is happening on each page. The cross section illustrations enable us to peek into the different homes of the animals (which is my favourite part! ) Marianne Dubuc produces such amazing work and this is another beauty. Full of surprises this will take you on an amazing trip across the globe..and when books take us places.. they r the best ones πŸ’›πŸ’› #picturebooks #kidsbookstagram #bookstagram #storytime #kidsillustration #childrensillustration #mariannedubuc #bookislandbooks #mrpostmousetakesatrip #mrpostmousegoesonholiday #picturebooks

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