• tattooedteacherplans🎥 NEW #YouTube video!! It's my April Haul. (Link to the video is in my profile!) Tap the pic for a sneak peek at which shops I'm featuring. This was much more fun to film that I thought. I'm sure there will be more in the future because...I can't resist pretty planner stickers. 🤑 #plannerhaul #plannerstickers #planneraddict #plannergirl #etsystickers
  • kclawleyI'm curious; what are your top 3 sticker shops? 😁
  • tattooedteacherplans@kclawley That's a tough one! 🤔 I think I would say for kits - Glam Planner, Wild Summer Designs, and Paper Dove Shop. For functional - LinnizPlanner, Karolina's Krafts, and Fox and Pip. This is a good video idea!
  • kclawleyYou should do it! I love the way you do your hourly. I've been in a vertical for 3 years but I'm thinking of switching to hourly. I
  • tattooedteacherplans@kclawley you should totally switch!! I try to convert everyone. It's the best! 😄
  • kclawleyI was on the fence until I saw your layouts, lol. You've converted me! 😂
  • tattooedteacherplans@kclawley YEA! 🙌🏼
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