• atlantacontemporary“My grandfather had no rights to vote. My grandmother had no rights to vote. My mother had no rights to vote. My father had no rights to vote.” Lonnie Holley about his work ‘In the Grip of Power’. “There were those that got killed along the way, literally blown to pieces, bombs. Some of them were hung and drug and their blood was in the streets, on the highways, up and down the roads and the alleys. Talk about the trail of tears, it’s the trail to vote.” This video on the sculpture was in Lonnie’s recent show at Atlanta Contemporary and his words killed me each and every time I heard him say this.
    Big day for those in the Georgia 6. Polls are open until 7pm. Get out there!
    #getoutandvote #specialelection
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  • brandonmillsofficialVery cool!
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