If you are a regular smoker, you have probably had to deal with the #stoner stereotype: the classic couch potato, belly bulging, face full of snacks, staring listlessly at a TV in a dim, smoky room. But, as more successful and active people “come out” as pot smokers, the stereotype is turning out to be mostly hot air. Still, the stoner life (#stonerlyfe) can promote some funky habits. Here are some suggestions to keep your highs healthy.

    Fight the Couch Potato — Walking briskly for as few as 20 minutes a day can undo hours of smoking. If you’re having a hard time motivating yourself, use getting high as the “carrot” to get yourself up and out. Roll a joint, pick a rad location, walk to it, then get high as a reward.

    Tame the Munchies — Whether it’s fresh fruit or junk food, you’re going to eat it all anyway, so go for the good stuff. Popcorn is good for you, super-easy, and you can make it salty, sweet, spicy, or any combination thereof. Mangoes can actually enhance your high.
    Use Your Stoned Time Wisely — Emotional and mental health are just as important as physical, and it is easy to get anxious, lonely, or depressed while smoking. Doing something with your hands or brain is a great way to utilize your high. Does your favorite strain originate overseas? Download a language app and learn to speak in your weed’s native tongue. If you want to feel super-productive, keep your hands and mind busy by cleaning your weed tools or organizing your smoking ephemera.
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    Illustration by James the Stanton @gnartoons #stonerlife http://ow.ly/r6o230aQzaX

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