• wisteriawalkMy project of semi private April Love isn't going as smoothly as I hoped it would. I'm busy and I'm tired, and I know it's only going to get more hectic from here. This is probably the exact moment I ought to pause for a minute and snap a picture or two, but most days, I just don't get around to doing it. I won't beat myself up - I might do a few in a bulk one day, or maybe I'll just share the precious few I've managed to take. They're worth even more now. Seeing your photos has been a pleasure, though! Here are some blooms I cut out for future collages the other night. #aprillove2017 #bloom #realitycheck #tired #arttherapy #collage #carveouttimeforart #creativelifehappylife #taleswithfriends

  • the_intrepid_goddessBeautiful collection 💟
  • wisteriawalkThank you, Cheryl! 😘 @the_intrepid_goddess
  • jennifercockcroftSo beautiful, I don't know how you have the patience to cut out all that tiny detail. Don't pressure yourself with the prompts my dear, know what feels right for you and just take things day by day 😊💖
  • alliecattyoWise words, I feel better because I can't seem to get into the groove when I know what I need most is to do these prompts, be mindful and not to be disappointed in myself for not managing them. It's ok...
  • wisteriawalkThank you, dear one - this message is a much needed one today, even though it's almost a week since you left it. Not just regarding April Love, but life in general! Taking things day by day is all I can try to do right now. And thank you so much for all your kind words! 💕 @jennifercockcroft
  • wisteriawalkI think Susannah's photo challenges are such a joy exactly because they encourage you to be mindful about the photos you take - or don't manage to take. There's no pressure to finish with a perfect line of a month of photos. 😊 @alliecattyo
  • alliecattyo@wisteriawalk thank you, I do appreciate looking at everyone's pictures to be inspired. Mindfulness is a work in progress for me!
  • wisteriawalkIt's the same with me - and I think with most people, to be honest. Appreciating each moment and paying attention isn't that simple! But the process is a joy in itself 😘💕 @alliecattyo
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