• deedottiedotI owe a lot to this org. It's where I got my start in writing and publishing. They believed in me when nobody gave me the time of day as an aspiring writer and art critic. My writing for @ds.ap got me into grad school. That same writing became my clip packet and allowed me to publish with other outlets. This work helped me understand how I want to show up in the art community and in the world (really, truly). It is an intellectual home and a beloved space to me. I will be giving and I think you should too. This place helped me get to where I am now and to be perfectly honest, I think I did OK. I hope my DSAP family is proud. Love them dearly. Link in bio as well - https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/dsap/support-daily-serving-and-art-practical

  • relativian_We love you 🙆🏻💓
  • karaqsmith🙌🙌
  • taiga_creativeNice pic!
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