Talented @madewithloops asked me #widn 🌸Thank you for thinking of me! Im currently under a blanket in our sofa thinking of which colour to go next 🤓Got an idea of a semi shawl/wrap made with moss stitches of scrap yarn. I have huge pile of scheepjes catona left overs that will suit fine for this "crazy crochet lady shawl/wrap thingy". My plan is to make it pointy in the ends and straight in the middle 🌸
Would @charlottahjortbacken and @agnetalagerkrans like to share #widn ? No pressure of course! 🌸
#mijocrochet #favoritgarner #scheepjes #scheepjescatona #crochetidea #crochetwrap #crazycrochetlady #crazycrochetladyshawl
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