• soniaruytsI've been reconnecting with my kitchen this year. Somewhere between having a second baby running a business, and dealing with 4 different food preferences, my love of planning and making homemade food dwindled. It was a chore and the pleasure was gone.
    This year I've made it a goal to bake once a week and cook from scratch at least 4x a week. Meal planning is helping a ton, and I'm finding lots of accessible food in my cookbook collection and the one from our beloved @cbcpl library. Yesterday's library haul (cookbooks for me, fairytales for her) is full of inspiration.
    Do you have a current favorite cookbook or fairytale to share?

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  • _paigemeredith_I only have one Moosewood book but I adore it... even though the toddler isn't into all the veggies.
  • lamamanpouleTacos 4 life 😉
  • its_me_sasaSecrets of feeding a healthy family by Ellyn Satter, not really a cookbook but helped me a lot when I was in that space. Our meals are much better now!
  • katcraftfeverI love Dreena Burton's Plant-Powered Families. She has 3 daughters, so she always has helpful tips about kids and being nut-free for schools. Also PlantPure Kitchen and Oh She Glows. Planning and cooking in bulk and freezing, and an Instantpot have been life savers as a busy mom. 👊🏻
  • knitandrideIsa Does It by @isachandra (and now her new Superfun Times Vegan Holiday Cookbook which has both the posole and ramen of my dreams). Our house is divided on how many cookbooks is too many to own, but her books always make the cut.
  • cbcplSo many *great* recommendations so far! Here's a list from the librarian that orders cookbooks: http://bit.ly/2oqdtBj
  • cbcplAnd a few other librarians chimed in with their faves: 'A Homemade Life' by Molly Wizenberg; Deborah Madison's cookbooks, 'Local Flavors' and 'New Vegetarian Cooking for Everyone'; and 'The homemade pantry: 101 foods you can stop buying and start making' by Alana Chernila. We have all of these available at the library!
  • knittingjocelynI'm going to have to check some of these out. I love growing my own veggies but admittedly am not big on actually EATING them *gasp*. I'm not a fan of raw ones (salad is not my jam) and am often at a loss as to how to incorporate them into our meals. These look interesting to me!
  • mma2011Fairy Tales = Barefoot Book of Princesses (stories from around the world). Cookbook = Canyon Ranch Spa (never been there but a girl can dream!). Friday is baking day at our house. My six year old daughter bakes focaccia, and I cover any bread, cookies, scones, or pastries for the upcoming week. I eat gluten free and vegan but the rest of my family is omnivore, so I feel your pain of serving up meals that suit different preferences.
  • shihjenny#smallvictoriescookbook by
    @turshen. @epicdanger and @freddygrl have shown me the ways!!! I also love the two most recent ones from Gwyneth Paltrow (one which Julia did with her).
  • soniaruyts@shihjenny I LOVE Small Victories and have made several recipes. So good!
  • soniaruyts@knittingjocelyn Shhh... I don't love raw veggies either! I've found that roasted veggies on greens is 👍🏼
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