My morning "routine" has changed drastically over the past 9 months. At one point, it looked like waking up at 5am to workout, shower and stop for coffee to drink on my hour-long commute. I felt a little lost without this rigid schedule when I left my corporate job, especially because nothing was consistent when we moved to the DR and then spent a few months in the mountains. 
At the encouragement of @diydietitian I took the chronotype quiz and figured out I'm a bear 🐻...ahhh it all makes so much sense. So my NEW morning routine is waking up between 7 and 8 most days, showering (because it's the #1 thing that wakes me up), enjoying a good breakfast and coffee while making my to-do list and getting to work around 9. I've also been listening to @shihjenny podcast on Success On Your Terms and love that most episodes are only 3-10 minutes. It's the best! 
I have my 4 priority projects in line for the day, plan to go for a walk during a networking call and catch a Cardio Barre session before dinner. @jennywesterkamp told me she always has a gratitude moment when she recognizes she doesn't "have" to eat lunch at noon, and I love thinking about how we can design our day to be more effective no matter where you work! #glowgoodchallenge
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