• thearchibaldprojectHey Guys! We wanted to take a minute to introduce ourselves!
    We get a lot of questions about who is behind this little orphan care nonprofit, so Hi! We're Whitney and Nick Runyon, husband and wife and best friends, and are so incredibly humbled and thankful that you guys have joined movement to end the orphan crisis.
    We honestly never meant to start a nonprofit and "orphan care" was never on our radar. However, after we photographed a friend's adoption in Bulgaria (y'all this is seriously my favorite story to share ever! so join me ((Whitney)) over in our Instastory and I can share more!) a total stranger contacted us and said "Because of your photos we found our son and we are now adopting a chronically ill child from Ukraine."
    And we lost it. We saw right then and there that photos have the power to help orphaned and vulnerable children!!! So we spent 2 1/2 years using all our vacation/free time documenting adoptions with the hope of inspiring more people to adopt!
    Fastforward a few years, we quit our day jobs and took our orphan care nonprofit full time! The further we got into the orphan care world, the more we realized that adoption is ONE way of caring for children, but not the only way! So we started focusing on many different aspects of orphan care in hopes that EVERYONE could find a way to love and serve vulnerable children!
    And there you have it!
    Okay actually, that was super condensed, it took 5 years, lots of mistakes, lots of tears and heart ache (and infertility...yup, we started an orphan care nonprofit AND found out we struggle with infertility, go figure 🙈) but here we are...waking up daily saying "Send me" and going to the hard places, all because we believe the orphan crisis truly can be eliminated!
    Now, who are you?!? Why do you guys care about orphan care?!
    📷 by one of our favorite people: @amyhigg

  • thearchibaldproject@rachelgurl oh wow, that's awesome! Would love to hear more of your story!
  • thearchibaldproject@_charrise__ your heart and feed are so beautiful! Keep on loving others ☺️
  • thearchibaldproject@malaikaclelland oh wow, what an amazing job!! I'd love to connect further with you, perhaps even do a podcast if you're open! Send us a Direct Message with your email if you're up for it!
  • thearchibaldproject@hollee_meador wow Holly, your words are too kind, seriously, but thank you for your encouragement ☺️ I hope you guys are doing well!!!
  • thearchibaldproject@hollee_meador silly autocorrect misspelled your names ☝🏼️🙈😬
  • thearchibaldproject@itsmemeags no way!!! Girl we need to get together and have some wine and do some talking 👊🏼
  • thearchibaldproject@jesscass27 your commitment to do what is best for vulnerable children is so beautiful and inspiring! Thank you for sharing a bit of your heart! Keep on loving others and blessings to your China adoption!!
  • thearchibaldproject@anoushka_unknown thanks girl!
  • thearchibaldproject@quellebest thank you so much for your kind words and offer to help! We will definitely keep you in mind in the future!!
  • thearchibaldproject@kendra_house that's amazing!! Shoot us a DM if you're interested in sharing your foster story this May during National Foster Care Month!
  • krispt@thearchibaldproject Thanks; we think so. We had nothing to do with their looks, so we fully admit how pretty they are ☺️
  • thearchibaldproject@jesscass27 also, shoot me a DM if you'd be interested in sharing the hard side of foster care with us during National Foster Care Month!
  • thearchibaldproject@shea_palmer oh wow, I cannot even begin to imagine how your heart has felt during your journey! Thank you for sharing a piece of your experience with us 💚
  • thearchibaldproject@kjrachel11 I'm so sorry to hear about your pain but congratulations on your upcoming adoption!!! That is so exciting!!
  • thearchibaldproject@danidyejohnson wow!!! What a beautiful and redemptive journey!!
  • thearchibaldproject@mystique_55 oh wow, I hear you, the genocide left so many in pain 😔
  • thearchibaldproject@amandarobles7 oh my goodness, what a journey. I'm so sorry for your nieces and nephew, but am so thankful you guys are able to cover them with unending love. Thanks for sharing!
  • megmullineaux@thearchibaldproject - amazing!
  • dyelaineI love this. Love seeing your obedience.
  • mikefiechtnerSo awesome!! My wife and I have adopted two kids from Ethiopia and are in the process of our third. I have a heart for Africa and kids! On another note if you ever know of any photo projects you need in Africa or elsewhere this is one way I've served. I've done photo trips to Liberia and Rwanda. Always looking for new opportunities to help!!
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