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  • kollegekidd#FBGDuck disses some dude named #LilPump For #SmokingTooka 😱 #lilpumpjetskiii #tooka
  • cincerely_yourzSo no one can say tookah? πŸ€”πŸ˜’ this is just dumb
  • monitorizeLmao that's funny @lilpump is his official account
  • scottiemaanLight skin nigga give the savage light skin a bad name
  • yagidasensei@cincerely_yourz lol it's not a word to be saying it's a young man who died nickname
  • yagidasenseiNiggas need to stop just saying shit they hear. Looking up to rappers and stuff.πŸ™„ chief keef and them kno what it means when they say it. That was one of their rival gang members. Niggas just using it to be like him but don't even know what they talking bout. Words are powerful. If somebody was saying they smoking one of my dead friends pack I would be highly upset ☹️
  • cincerely_yourz@yagidasensei you sound crazy....tookah could mean many different things around the United States just bc it's some one from Chicago does not mean these people are saying they're smoking someone dead homie. No one around the world besides ppl in Chicago even know who Tookah (the deceased person is) and besides it's freedom of speech. You can't kill everybody that says tookah that's dumb esp if it has different meanings πŸ˜’πŸ˜’πŸ™„πŸ™„
  • yagidasensei@cincerely_yourz ok so Tell me what tookah mean?
  • yagidasensei@cincerely_yourz you sound crazy af tryna act like tookah a regular word a nigga just say . That's shit come from somewhere genius
  • j.xxee@trerealugly yeah he was younger here this video dummy old
  • cincerely_yourz@yagidasensei tookah means good gas ⛽️ and it could also be someone else's nickname fuck outta here with the bull shit even when you click the tookah hashtag it has several different things or people on it. And I can say what I want
  • raven0311"ma ear bitch"
  • yagidasenseilol @cincerely_yourz Cus your dumb bitch stop fucking messaging me
  • cincerely_yourz@yagidasensei bitch you tagged me. And your parents are dumb bitches for raising a ignorant bitch like you.
  • yagidasensei@cincerely_yourz lol ok hoe suck my ass
  • yagidasensei@blockstarpromo exactly
  • cincerely_yourz@yagidasensei I'm sure it's plenty of homosexual that do that for you bitch
  • charliezaffutoWhy he sound like a white kid impersonating a mexican?
  • darley_00Everybody smokin Tooka now smh 😷
  • litaqua@charliezaffuto I think he's Cuban
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