• colololzInstead, be the girl who enjoys navigating this beautiful world alone. Be the girl who travels and relies on no one but herself. Be the girl who few people can ever keep up with, or count on to be content in one place. Be the girl who doesn’t need another person to be happy, and is self-sufficient in succeeding in life by herself. And most importantly, be the girl who never settles in anything- work, love, life, or otherwise.

  • camdelasalasBe true, be you. Follow back naman bes @colololz
  • camdelasalasLove you bes 😘
  • hl.lyss👏👏 well said 😊😊
  • katherppiiManual lang ba gmt mo pagtake ng pictures po?😊
  • colololz@camdelasalas @hl.lyss Thanks love! 💛 Love you!!
  • colololz@katherppii Auto lang hahaha!
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