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  • erwanheussaffWe are starting our video recipe series that were requested or inspired by your comments. This one is for @maks_40 asking for some kind of cauliflower dish. Alot of people don't ever eat cauliflower raw, but it's a quick and easy way to get in some vegetables and make you feel like you're eating a couscous "tabouleh". Just blast a whole head in the food processor with some salt, pepper, a couple of lugs of extra virgin olive oil, juice of 2 lemons, some parsley and lots of mint. Done.

  • iamroma27Gusto ko din i try to 😄
  • mrsiyafragMake more healthy recipes 😊 @erwanheussaff inspiring! Can u try making paleo bread? 😀or more healthy quick n easy desserts?
  • keytandreya_@erwanheussaff is it good for an healthy diet?😍it looks so delicious 💕
  • shayne_gabaynoIs it possible to use blender for that @erwanheussaff
  • joeymeadking🙌🏽 Awesome
  • kissesthekweenHello Erwan ❤️
  • muffin1203👌👍😋
  • erwanheussaff@shayne_gabayno sure but little by little
  • jmdvls@ramosjulienne something similar to what you tried before?
  • goodiesandbountiesCan you blanched it first?
  • bhi_1Vegan recipes are spreading like wildfire. Show compassion, save the environment. #GoVegan @erwanheussaff
  • agl.77@erwanheussaff ahhh I must revisit your site then. I still remember that vid of you making choco lava cake from scratch. Was it during the time you were based in Greece, or a cruise ship perhaps? Just wanted you to know, I watched the entire episode start Til end, til when you cracked open the lava cake and showed everyone how it's done. you were utterly brilliant. Thank you @erwanheussaff
  • agl.77Oh and I must share @erwanheussaff. I tried #septime during my last trip to Paris. Words cannot express.... 😂 it was divine.
  • khatleen30What about some raw desserts?
  • margauxsalcedothat pinky though 😆✌🏼😜... great video
  • sjsj0830@erwanheussaff your version of post work-out ice cream for this hot weather 😊
  • bricurious@erwanheussaff This just occurred to me. Dinuguan is notorious for being served to foreigners, tricking them into believing it's a local version of molé or pudding; but, locally, it's one of the most underrated dishes out there. It doesn't share the same fame as adobo but both have different ways of being cooked depending on the province or region. I hope to see you cook up a mean dinuguan on your channel soon and see your take on it. Salut!
  • tinsaaants@micodejesus !!!!
  • ronicabauto@ronileenrae
  • ronicabauto@ronileenrae parang ganyan
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