• meredithtestedMini low-waste haul from a local "conventional" supermarket (aka not a natural/health/specialty food store) because they have better prices on some things than our health food store. Nuts, seeds, raisins, organic cashew butter, etc. The store provides plastic film bags for their small bulk bin section, but we bring our own cloth bags (some I made, some I purchased) and we've never had a cashier bat an eye in a long time of doing this. You can weigh yourself & print a sticker with the price so all the cashier has to do is scan, or you can jot down the bin #s and ask them to weigh to avoid the sticker. Keep you eyes peeled at local stores for opportunities to buy things without extra packaging - you might be surprised at locations that have bulk bins. For example this store I often mention to locals and the reply is sometimes "Huh, they have a bulk section? I never noticed!" #zerowaste #zerowastehome #foodhaul #healthyeats

  • welovehomecookingYou should become a @VizEat host! 😻🙌
  • drinkwellwineLove this!
  • yummymitt😍
  • obsessee🌹🌹🌹
  • dfourseasonsNice!
  • jessmaeburtonMind sharing what store? I'm always on the hunt for cheaper bulk!
  • meredithtested@jessmaeburton Of course! It's @hannafordmkts :) We tend to have the best experience at the one on Shelburne Rd 👍🏼
  • wastenotcompostThis is so great! We wish more people shopped like you do💚😊
  • sanreorganicLove the cloth bags!
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