• picturebookbcIt was Bird's first day in a new forest, and he was looking for a friend. It wasn't long before he spotted someone! But Bird was too shy to say hello...
    Just as Bird finds the courage to say hello... Bear has found himself a friend.. a shiny red balloon! 🎈Has Bird missed his chance?! Glorious illustrations that are beautiful , bright and a treat for the reader.
    A charming story about friendship,courage and kindness. Whimsical and heartwarming. ( check out the back cover.. my favourite illustration of all ❀️) Celebrate friendship with this gorgeous book. A delight 🐦🎈🐻
    #storytime #kidsillustration #childrensillustration #picturebooks #ilsungna #birdballoonbear #bookstagram #kidsbookstagram

  • leonie_roberts17Aaaw- this looks lovely!
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