• gofitjoBe patient with yourself, change takes time. Just remember you wanted a lifestyle. #transformationtuesday
    Not one part of this #fitnessjourney was easy. Each aspect of it was a challenge both physical and mentally. I've cried, I've had moments I felt defeated, and I've definitely had setbacks. What started as a 12 week transformation program turned into a lifetime of change and a journey full of learning.
    I've learned how to think of my way of eating as not a diet, but eating for towards my goals. I've learned to push myself completely out of my comfort zone in order to grow as a person. I've also learned that I can attain anything I put my mind to.
    As a working mom I have so many reasons to give myself of why I can't work out, why eating right is hard, and why feeling great about myself should be second to my family. I've learned that it should actually be one of your top priorities. How you feel about yourself can reflect in everyday life at work, at home, amongst friends, with your kids, and with your husband. There's nothing wrong with being proud of how you look. It's not vain, it's about having the self confidence each person deserves.

  • gofitjo@sophiaisfit I did a combination of several things, but mostly weight liftning.
  • gofitjo@sophactivelife yes yes yes. I think we often forget that all we're doing is learning how to be the best versions of ourselves.
  • gofitjo@shaylaquinn thanks so much Shayla!
  • gofitjo@fitchickscook Thank you Tina!
  • gofitjo@courtneysfitlife_ There isn't anything wrong with it, but we so often forget that its ok to want to look and feel better.
  • gofitjo@thefieldfitness Awww thanks so much for extending that offer. I'd love to come and check out your studio!
  • gofitjo@getfitminny Thank you Emily that means a lot to me.
  • thehealthgoalWow! Incredible results from outstanding effort #amazing
  • sarahrappoltNice!
  • freefannifitnessAll of this. It's mad isn't it what starts out as a 12 week program n here we r. I love seeing ur journey. Always. Xxx
  • skmsartYou're beautiful. In both pictures.
  • asianetics#Asianetics 💥
  • anchelasolorio🙌🏼
  • melindamartinsyoga@judemartins 😍 I love her
  • ange.diyanni@lexieblind she writes good words and I think you'll find beauty in them for yourself :)
  • frecklesinmymindabsolutely! all of this 🙌🏻 stunning Jo, both in&out ❤
  • mformartinaBeautiful, stunning, gorgeous, inspiring. I'm obsessed with you💗
  • skoggonerogueYou are such an inspiration!!!
  • valeen.robertson❤❤❤
  • gabriellegray_Amazing!! Confidence and self care are at the too of the list and actually make us better for our family and others. 🙌🙌
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