• thesnobbyfoodieI am EXTREMELY skeptical of restaurants with great views. When there's a good view, it's an excuse to serve pure garbage.

    To my surprise and amazement, Eve's Waterfront has a fantastic view AND decent food... thorough review on thesnobbyfoodie.com #oakland #eeeeeats

  • squared6The food was ok. The service was poor. However, they are new. I hope they work out the kinks. I'll try again.
  • thesnobbyfoodie@squared6 Aw man-- bummer. I hope my view theory doesn't stand true! If you end up going again, I would try their lighter, simpler dishes. Or maybe just have happy hour at sunset :-) The chocolate cake was legitimately good, but I love ooey, gooey chocolate cake that goes straight to my head!
  • squared6@thesnobbyfoodie yum! You have convinced me to give it another go 🤗
  • bingenellaboutique
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