Looking for some summer reading! Open to all and any genres-
  • chicagoadhocLooking for some summer reading! Open to all and any genres-

  • karinak18Any of the books by Robert Galbraith. The circle, the chemist
  • elzbetmabreyLincoln in the Bardo!
  • littleanna24Grand Hotel Abyss! Or 2666
  • andreabresette@chicagoadhoc "a kind worth killing", "the husbands secret", "big little lies"
  • awe_samDark matter (set in Chicago!)
  • joelle.michaela"The Poisoner's Handbook: Murder and the Birth of Forensic Medicine in Jazz Age New York"
  • nathalyg23Born a Crime by Trevor Noah
  • p___32@chicagoadhoc the art of power - thich nhat hanh. Devil in the white city - Erik Larson. Me talk pretty one day - David sedaris
  • ethan_s2artBoob suggestions
  • forbiddenrootMEATY, or anything by @bitchesgottaeat
  • chicagoadhoc@ethan_s2art that too
  • annepalosHaha...i thought this said #boobsuggestions...hahahaha
  • annepalosI got lots ofum...whatcha looking for?
  • cschusSweetbitter!
  • chicagoadhoc@annepalos hahHah
  • chicagoadhoc@annepalos honestly anything new. I made a resolution to read more this year but I found that it's been so long that I've been out of college or to a book store I have no clue where to start! The first couple books I got were so boring I couldn't get into it
  • take_my_effing_handPapillion, Devil in the white city, Middlesex, American Gods
  • lerakristina"History of Wolves" - best new author I've read in years. I loved it. Took me a couple chapters to get into, but I couldn't put it down after that. Emily Fridlund's writing style is hauntingly beautiful.
  • lerakristinaAlso, Vurt by Jeff Noon is a must-read, and William Gibson's trilogy Pattern Recognition, Spook Country, and Zero History. His new book The Peripheral is a good read, too, though I don't think *quite* as good as his others. Also, I'm super late to this party but enjoyed Diamond Age by Neal Stephenson recently, too. For a riveting east read, I just read Good As Gone by Amy Gentry in like 24 hours, and it was entertaining AF. Just starting Dark Matter by Blake Crouch.
  • clarkefotoI loved "the end of the world running club" by Adrian J Walker. It's, well written, with humour and emotion. Give it a go 👍
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