• livingboldly.caOver the past couple of years I have been looking for a positive way to share my story so that it can empower young women all over the world. Until recently, I have never really found an outlet that I thought could be powerful enough to have an impact. Well, after a really long run and binge watching 13 Reasons Why, I decided I wanted to do something really creative to inspire girls who have been abandoned or who have suffered from mental, physical and/or sexual abuse.
    I want to create a positive spin off of the show via. 13 Reasons Why We're Okay and do it in the form of 13 short creative films, highlighting stories from 12 other girls who have overcome this type of situation. I then want to share these videos in a Social Media community filled with girls who have all gone through something like this who can use a space to get support from each other.
    I used to be ashamed of my past, and all of the shitty things that have happened of that nature. I would work hard and I did my best to ensure that people in my life had no idea that type of thing happened. I didn't want to be victimized, I wanted to be an example of someone who didn't fall off the rails. I wanted to ensure that my future was solid for the sake of myself and my future children.
    It wasn't until I realized that there is nothing to be ashamed of that I felt like I could truly begin to talk about it and share it with those closest to me. Unfortunately, it's still common for people to judge people who have gone through this sort of trauma in a negative way. They automatically assume you are damaged, crazy, or that you somehow provoked whatever happened. It's no wonder most people would rather keep it to themselves. That's why I want to create a community filled with other women and girls who have overcome these things, who are doing something positive and for those that may need this type of community to overcome something that has happened to them.
    If you're interested in joining me on this adventure, or if you maybe you have gone through something similar, message me. Let's talk, and let's create something. I can't do it alone!
    If you or a friend wants to join me, share/comment below!

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  • gatsbylady@livingboldly.ca well done for coming out with this idea, encouraging and supporting others 😘💞👏
  • drjameskeough#StayStong. Don't be ashamed but do not let the past live in the present. I recommend getting the love and unconditionally support you need to heal. You deserve the best and can live a happy fulfilled existence.
  • sethibeautyOh my goodness, we need more people like you in this world. You're so right -- the only way to get past the stigma and undeserved shame is to speak about it. I would love to help out any way I can ❤️️
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