• journeyfoot___Sage met a porcupine while we were out hiking yesterday. She went foam-mouth crazy for that poor animal but I guess her bark is bigger than her bite because she didn't get any quills 🙌🏽 but she would not listen to us and we had to peel her back from the porcupine. I've just started reading things about dogs and porcupines. Oh boy. We're also worried about rattlesnakes come summer. This offleash thing we've been building on has been working out really well. I actually enjoy hiking with my dog finally and she's in heaven the whole time. Sage runs circles (big circles) around us and she comes back when we call her, EXCEPT with this while porcupine thing. What do you offleash dog people do? 😎
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  • campingwithpetshaha love it!
  • stoneys_stuffRattle snakes can be sketchy but whatever you do DONT get a snake bite kit for you or sage! Those kits do more harm than good. Rattlers won't kill ya if you can get to a doctor quickly...I had to learn to hang out with them in Leavenworth and of course over researched everything. But congrats on the no leash thing!! Go sage! Then porcupine thing reminds me of the movie Homeward Bound hehe.
  • igor.williamsLove it!!!
  • journeyfoot___@stoneys_stuff hahaha thanks for the info! 👍🏽WTF how was cassan's rv?!?! 😎😜
  • journeyfoot___@stoneys_stuff also, you guys should come out to Idaho! We're like 45 minutes from City of Rocks @cassandra.conner
  • therollingpackDog trainer here, I highly recommend positive reinforcement based rattlesnake training, positive reinforcement being key (the traditional method used a shock collar which has a slew of unwanted side effects associated with it). If you google positive reinforcement rattlesnake training you'll get some good guides and books to help you with the process :) congrats on the off leash success!
  • journeyfoot___@therollingpack THANK YOU!!!! 🙌🏽🙌🏽
  • deandailThere's a rattlesnake vaccine for dogs. I don't know why no one knows about it, but there is one. Should be able to have your vet do it the same time as regular shots. Rabies vaccine probably important out there too. As for recall, you gotta find something even BETTER than a porcupine that you can give her when she comes. A friend of mine had a scrap of dried moose hide that she tied to a stick that she carried for hiking. When her dog came away from something good, dog got to chase "Moose On A Stick" for a couple minutes as reward. So it depends on what Sage thinks is rewarding - pieces of bratwurst? Cheese? Chasing something like moose hide? Running with you? ( some dogs will come just from you running away from them - like running is awesome and running *with* your human is the awesomest!) But having said all that, if I lived in rattlesnake country, I'd do the aversion training with the shock collar. I've used 100% positive reinforcement with my dog and it has worked amazing. Rattlesnake aversion is the one and only thing that I would ever use a shock collar for. I'm cool with my dog being terrified of snakes. Rattlesnakes have a very distinct smell and I would much rather have my dog recognize that smell and get the hell away from it asap. That helps everyone from you to the snake. The short span of time that the dog is sad about the aversion training would be worth it, IMO.
  • journeyfoot___@deandail great info and tips! Thank you!!!! A rattlesnake vaccine? Wow, I'll look into that! I think I'm going to have to bust out the big guns and just carry around live rabbits or something because NOTHING seems to get her attention in those moments 😂 The moose hide is good idea but I don't think that'll work for Sage. If we ask her, the only thing better than the porcupine is probably a cow. 😂 She appeared to be "herding" the porcupine. Good info, I'm going to do some research. Thank you!! 👍🏽
  • deandailRight now nothing gets her attention because she knows you've never had anything as good as a porcupine. You have to introduce the idea that you are the owner of all Awesome Things, so that in that moment a tiny part of her brain can be like "but wait, what if she really *does* have something better...?" It's really that moment of question that you want to create, because that's when she can hear you and make a different choice. Right now she literally can't hear you. If the same thing happened today and you really did have a live bunny, Sage wouldn't come because she wouldn't believe you. You have to prove you got tricks up your sleeve. (Disclaimer: I don't recommend trying to carry live rabbits in your sleeves.) Like what if the next time she comes when you call her ( just regular running and she comes, not from a porcupine) you have an actual piece of (dead, non-quill-part) porcupine? But then don't do that every time. You want her to have that moment of hesitation because she's *not sure*. Like, there was that one time you had Porcupine On A Stick!! What if that happened again?! Or maybe this time it is bratwurst!? I don't know, I better check!!
  • journeyfoot___@deandail You are ABSOLUTELY right!!!!! Thank you! Time to bust out an arsenal of meats and treats and toys to keep on rotation. 😁🙌🏽
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