• jenbaxtersf24 hours from now I'll be at SFO waiting for my flight to Australia via Shanghai. I've got the whole travel routine going right now ...late night laundry, thinking about what to read on the plane, what else to pack...the list of last minute errands to do tomorrow.

    You all know the drill.

    You know what I remember most about Australia? The avocado smash for brekkie. Yummy. The closest here that warms my tastebuds that way is the ROYGBIV Sandi in Bernal Heigjhts, jess @eyeoftheavocado has that one down.
    I get very excited about food - especially when I travel... You might want to follow along with this one, I feel like I'll be eating well in Byron Bay, Australia.

  • dignityblendcrewSo fun! Excited for your travels!
  • jillgocherfood!! i would kill for some food right now
  • mikepang21Make sure you visit Whitehaven Beach and take a seaplane to scuba in the Great Barrier Reef. Have an amazing time. Cheers!
  • arrianeseraficoLove!!
  • its_kavi_doeSounds like it'll be an amazing trip!! Can't wait to see pictures!! Much love!!🌏
  • drdebkernCan't wait! I'll be watching 👀 Have a blast!
  • chloelagierphotographyHave an unforgettable trip and shower us with fantastic photo please😘
  • pketronJust dropped some Shanghai recs. Safe travels and have an amazing time!
  • thenewhumanitarian💖
  • forsisters_hopeYum ¡Delicioso!
  • geegeeimagesSafe travels, Jen.
  • anamcaralifeNice post
  • mybalanceandwellnessHow is Oz treating you love?
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