• beating50What a weekend! Easter is the recognition of the resurrection of Christ! We hope you all had a great weekend with friends and family celebrating what was done for us in the past, to secure our future. Thanks to everyone who participated in #weekendidos, here are the favorites for this week! #beating50percent

  • jomiller14Oh!! Look at you, @jeskuhh 😉💜💜
  • lyndzparker@srbrinks still waiting for you!!!!
  • kaylayne@grnttdarnit we made it on their weekendidos recap!! ❤❤
  • grnttdarnit@kaylayne whoop whoop!! 🙌🏻
  • lindzseaGoing on 10 years of marriage here but have lived out of state and away from family since the wedding moved home now and having a lot of "family" issues (probs w arguing about each other's family). Wondering your thoughts on that. The intertwining that prob takes place right away in a marriage was big time delayed from living out of state.
  • gperry62I love love love these photos! These couples are adorable! Do you have any photos of couples married 20/30/40/50 + years?
  • beating50@gperry62 yes! But not often. We only select from couples using #weekendidos!
  • beating50@lindzsea interesting. We are about to do the SAME thing. So I'm sure we will have some thoughts in the coming months. Haha. Thanks for the suggestion
  • lindzseaI will stay tuned. We have a almost 5 year old (a little red head) and I find myself getting angry that my inlaws don't make good grandparents, they are there financially w gifts but not emotionally. Where as my family is overly emotionally there and babysit and are active in teaching her about God and life but come on to strong in my husbands opinion. Makes for some doozies in the arguments dept.
  • summermartin@jeskuhh I see you!!💗
  • nicoleyvt83Wish I could have happily participated in this! After almost 9yrs of marriage and 3 sons later I'm contemplating ending my marriage! Feeling very lost right now and unsure if we are "fixable" 😞
  • doyle.golf1@nicoleyvt83 you are. @ai
  • doyle.golf1Ask questions and get a good faith based, pro marriage counselor. @audreyroloff and @jeremyroloff can point you in good directions. Stay strong. The Holy Spirit will lead
  • mariaroman9863@nicoleyvt83 definitely fixable, question is whether both of you want it. 30 plus years, 3 kids, infidelity and fixed it. You can do it.
  • kelsilorenHey @austintparker that's us :)
  • arboursabroad@nicoleyvt83 the best part about marriage is that it's a covenantal bond between you, your spouse, and God... and that means that even when you may think you can't fix it, the Lord's a part of it and He can. I'm sure it will be hard, but God wants you and your husband to stay together through hard times and good, and with Him it's possible! Seek some marital advice from someone within a church to help walk you through it and pray even when it seems impossible! I'll be praying for you and your husband too!
  • arboursabroad@beating50 thanks for sharing our weekend with everyone!! We're going to be writing a bit about what the good Lord taught me (the wife) over this weekend on the blog soon.. because man was it a weekend of love and gratitude, but also a life lesson I didn't know I needed!
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