• graziellahannanLo and behold; the girl with #pinkhair that started it all. She's the reason momma went wacky and bleached her hair, right before chopping it all off with no assistance. I figured if she's not scared at all to try it, why should I be? Am I allowed to pat myself on the back though? Because I love my new haircut so much, I wanna marry it. And I know this isn't the greatest looking #ombre in the world, but I'm proud of myself for pulling it off as well as I did! I'm sure there are a lot of moms out there who are gonna bash me for allowing my 5 year old to dye her hair, but to those mothers with kids that look like perfectly primped school girls, and that probably aren't allowed to get their ears pierced until they're 16, I ask you this: If not at this age, then when do you expect someone to pull off pink hair and not look crazy? I mean, you can almost blame us for saturating their nurseries and closets with everything #pink the second our ultrasounds reveal it's a girl. I pride my daughter in her self expression and freedom to grow into who she is as a person without any influence other than her own. There's not many little girls out there who'd go to their mothers and persist on getting pink hair, just like there aren't many moms out there who'd allow it. But there's no other girl like Giada in the world, and no other bigger advocate for being yourself and following your heart than me. I guess we're just a match made in heaven, thanks, God! The little miracle you sent me has taught me more than I ever expected, and I am so blessed to call her mine! #littlegirlhairstyles #childrenshair #kidsstylezz #kidhairstyles #rosegoldhair

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  • ringringkaoringvery good!
  • ej_ewrI want to do this for my 5 year old! What hair dye did you use on her?
  • nicdimarcoThat's my god daughter! Love her hair!! πŸ’ž
  • bestofbalayageπŸ˜„πŸ˜„πŸ‘
  • emilygarrrettLOVE this!
  • rochellecurrie_πŸ‘πŸ‘Œ
  • graziellahannan@ei_ewr I used L'OrΓ©al Smokey Pink, you can't miss the box! But you have to start out with a very very light base for it to show because there's no bleach in it. I actually bleached her hair first then put the color so it stuck and showed really bright, and it still washes out rather quickly. She's a natural blonde anyway just with darker low lights so I had to erase though and give her a full blonde head first. They also sell this conditioner stuff that you leave in for a little bit and wash out, and it's a temporary pink however not strong at all and wouldn't do the same thing as box dye, so I use it as her regular conditioner on the pink ends once a week to keep the color alive.
  • chickswhogiveahootGood shot!
  • sarashouseblogNo way, so cute! My 3yo daughter would die for pink hair! If it wasn't brown and super curly, I'd be tempted to follow your lead! πŸ’•
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