• ouiwegirlI used to spend my nights, sometimes days, anxiously scribbling & brain dumping the ideas that came slamming through my mind. When I became a writer my warm up was to let these mind wanderings take shape as little stories. 📝🔮💕Visuals inspiring words, words inspiring visuals.
    This weekend I took a digital hiatus (I haven't done that in years, btw). The detox allowed Spring's beauty to flow through me: I filled my porch with flowers, lingered over my favorite poems, reminisced on falling in love... it's creative pressure at its finest. I'll have a post coming on that soon, but in the meantime, here's a happy photo accident from a day with @benalleman. I wrote a little story to accompany it on ouiwegirl.com. Merci forever for reading! xo! 🌸 #acolorstoryglow #awanderfullife #ouiwegirl

  • ouiwegirl@citygirlluxe thank you lovely. ✨💋
  • ouiwegirl@gofrenchyourself hiiiiiya my girl. Thank you!
  • ouiwegirl@peekies aw thank you Michelle. It was a bit rough those first moments and then I soaked in the quiet and settled in. 😊
  • ouiwegirl@aliceandlennon it's such a Jas style photo 😘😘!
  • ouiwegirl@alishylishy @vintagesplendor it turned out to be a lovely way to clear and reset the mind and soul!
  • ouiwegirl@ileanaailed 💋💋💋
  • ouiwegirl@pentene_styles it was a nice little step away from the whirlwind. 😘
  • kaylalilliLove this!
  • shannonsafiEveryone needs a little.break sometimes ❤❤❤
  • flat15Love your post hope you had a great weekend.
  • thesaltycanaryThis is gorgeous! I gotta get out my film cameras!
  • rose_tinted_glassesThe break sounded like it was just what you needed. Glad you had such a dreamy weekend xxx
  • onebluehatSometimes a break is a good idea
  • ariannasdailyWhat gorgeous words and sounds like a dreamy weekend as is this beautiful image! 💗
  • hernamewascharlieSounds like a good idea! And wonderful capture ✨
  • thecaramelchroniclesThis photo is so raw I love its qualities! ❤️✨
  • elizabethluissSo good to have you back 💗💗
  • ana_prodanovichLove the mood of this photo ✨
  • 100gramsofsunThis mood is so perfect. Red and violet are my new faves 💜❤️
  • katiekararaVintage vibes xx
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