• levibethuneDo you want one of these bags?
    "102 weeks ago." That's what Instagram says about the first time I posted a photo of this bag. And for nearly every day of those 102 weeks, I've been asked about my bag. I've said that it changes over time and it only gets better. I've said that it's perfectly simple. I've said that there are only a few ever made. And now I get to say that on May 13th, you can buy one of 30. Or, win one.
    @thisiswhaticarry is holding a special launch event at the Mercantile Library that I'm honored to be speaking at. In preparation for the event, you can also enter to WIN one of these bags. Follow @thisiswhaticarry for all the details. Use #holdontothis to tell a story about something that you believe is worth holding on to. A winner will be picked and announced on May 13th.

  • thisiswhaticarry102 weeks and we are still humbled to have you as a friend, as an inspiration, and as a part of our story. Can't wait for you to share yours in a few short weeks ☺️
  • kk__martIs this event open to the public?
  • thisiswhaticarry@kk__mart Yes! All are welcome. A Facebook event will be posted soon with more details
  • kk__martAwesome. Thanks! @thisiswhaticarry
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