• anorganisedlifeT I P: plan your meals in advance! When I first started An Organised Life I quickly threw myself into a hectic schedule of balancing a full time job, a new start up and general life! I became time poor & struggled with some of the simple things! This all changed when I started thoroughly planning my meals in advance for the week and doing my grocery shopping online. I would get home and get straight into cooking with out any wasted time deciding what to have. I even took it one step further & have ordered @hellofreshau for nearly a year now! Planning your meals is such an easy thing to do especially when you work long hours, or have a family, it really does organise your life and it's important to keep up a healthy balanced lifestyle.

  • iam.tananaPlanning meals is a real time saver. I also do that. I even cook some meals in advance and freeze them to save even more time during the weekdays. 🙂
  • anorganisedlife@iam.tanana love this 👌🏼👌🏼👌🏼
  • soaringhealth😍
  • anne.meredith.johnsonThis is something I really need to work on
  • socialbrandschoolAlways do!!
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