• chly1017fmWe went over our goal this weekend and hit $10,111.02! Now, in the final stretch, we need to pull in another $9,888.98! Can we pull it in mostly with sustaining donations? It's tote-ally possible. We can have it in the bag.
    Donate at www.chly.ca/donate

  • thatbarberdaveThis Friday I hope to help...hot pepper 🌶 challenge
  • chly1017fm@thatbarberdave wanna film a quick video tomorrow to promote this? I'll be downtown.
  • thatbarberdave@chly1017fm yes totally!
  • chly1017fm@thatbarberdave we can do it like a wrestling promo video. FRIDAY FRIDAY FRIDAY!
  • thatbarberdaveOh yeah brother! IM GONNA DESTROY IN THE RED!
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