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  • vitaliyanI've always wanted a source that would recommend me something daaamn cool in the neighborhood 😜🙌🏼 But many apps are retarded and are soooo last year.. Can you imagine how happy I was to discover this thang - I’m loving the new @hypit app. This one is a big time playa! Follow me @vitaliyan on Hypit to see all of my favourite restaurants in any area, whenever you need them! #hypit #hypitapp #hypitinsiders | Всегда хотела быть инсайдером или амбассадором бренда 😜 стою у истоков хайпового приложения, так сказать 😃 В русском аппсторе оно недоступно, к сожалению. Но это ле бомба 🙌🏼

  • burgerfiuk🍴
  • hypitAvailable on the App Store and Android now! 💥👌
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