• dannychooMirai Mannequin Machine makes a perfect headphone stand. ミライマネキンマシン最高のヘッドホンスタンド。#smartdoll
  • kawaiivinylkatThat is an expensive headphone stand... lol
  • fitzwigWhat is the large Mirai"s capabilities?
  • wmaela56Kawai 😭😭
  • kevinw73Hopefully you can keep the price at an affordable level when you actually release it for sale to the public 😌
  • saputrafakhriaryaKawaii 😘😘😘😍😍😍😍😍
  • marika_teaThe headphones reminds me of Super Sonico :3 how about a Super Sonico Mannequin machine as well? 😂
  • cyberchaoticあああ!
  • 907bluebellShe looks 10 times bigger then the original smart doll that's close to 2 feet is she human sized?
  • deliciawangOmg! I want it😍😍😍
  • asepsfireWant one!!!
  • ogatamisakiHuman sized Mirai?? 😍
  • komateuxI wouldn't put it past Danny if he makes this a year-long april fools joke.
  • meimi132@komateux Smart dolls themselves were an April fools once if I remember correctly​.. i know alot of @dannychoo's April Fools come true XD
  • evie._.peachI don't understand, is it an April fools joke or not because I really hope it's not 😍
  • miraiemayonShe so prety..kawai..
  • ficklepicklezHow big is her head?
  • ficklepicklez@907bluebell He lists her as 1/2 scale. If you scroll back on Danny's instagram or go on his website, you can see a picture of him with the doll.
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