• soulscriptsWe're pretty old school. We didn't live together before marriage. We believe in God's design for marriage. We leave our phones in the car at dinner. We call. We've never texted much, not even during our college years. We like to go on Sunday drives to little small towns just to find restaurants that only locals know about. He still holds my door for me. And I think that's one of my favorite things. I mean, it doesn't make us better than anyone by any means. Our relationship has all sorts of weak points and imperfections but it doesn't lack intentionality. It's that very kind of intentionality that almost bottles up the vulnerability and patience and honor in a way nothing else can. I know so many believe chivalry is dead and all hope is lost but it's not. It's really not.
    So if I can give you any ounce of wisdom it's this: old school works. God's way works. Hold onto it, fight for it. Because you're worth more than the casual Friday night hook up, the late night text, the guy who demands you live with him, or the off and on relationship. Don't be afraid to be old school - you're an A+ simply because you're God's work. And He always keeps it 💯. #soulscripts

  • adrienne_lizYou're such an amazing role model for young women @jordanleedooley!! there is so much temptation in the world to not do things Gods way. I married the only boyfriend I ever had. I truly believe that God brought us together. However, we didn't wait to live together etc. That created confusion in our relationship because we were living like husband and wife but really weren't. So for the young women reading this post it is worth it to wait!! God blesses those who are obedient!
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