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Home Remedies: Cure Migraines Naturally!

This potent drink is a sure-fire migraine reliever. All of the ingredients in this concoction help to relieve the symptoms of a headache, along with helping to prevent further ones in the future (if you continue to eat these foods on a daily basis). An enzyme in pineapple called bromelain is a strong natural pain reliever. Cucumber helps to rehydrate the body (dehydration is a major cause of migraines). Celery is regularly recommended by naturopaths to treat headaches due to the flavonoid it contains (luteolin) which acts as an anti-inflammatory on brain cells. Then according to renowned health expert and author, Dr. Joel Fuhrman, kale has been proven to actually cure migraines completely. The lemon in this mix helps to maintain your acid/alkaline balance, which is crucial for preventing and treating migraines. And ginger has been used successfully for centuries to treat migraine headaches due to the powerful pain relieving and anti-inflammatory properties it contains.

To make up this super powerful concoction, simply remove the skin from these foods (if need be) and churn them up in a high powered blender or Nutra-bullet then slowly drink until gone.
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