• ozzythelionoHe achieved more in his 31 years than more people will do in many generations #icon
  • markman23@ozzytheliono I truly believe. If not for him. The world would be a different place. There would be no Street Fighter, no TEKKEN, no diversity and more. He was a pioneer that brought change & influence.
  • ozzytheliono@markman23 💯 I done my dissertation on him Mark. He is popular culture, media & cultural studies he revolutionised bodybuilding, movies, philosophy & yes video games. Every video game has a Bruce Lee from Fei Long to liu Kang to our beloved Marshall. Read a book called fighting Spirit it's a great read.
  • kingmajixProbably wouldn't be a Jackie Chan as we know him either!
  • _animatesam_True dat
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