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  • peopleNew footage shows a United passenger and law enforcement arguing moments before he was violently dragged off a flight after it was overbooked. Tap the link in the bio to read more.

  • rothd51Doctor or no doctor, he had a reasonable expectation to be permitted to remain on that flight. The way it was handled is a disgrace. I'm sure the doc would have been happy to just go home. He wasn't looking for a "payday." Well now he certainly deserves compesation for his injuries and embarrassment. "Friendly Skies" yeah right United.
  • yukipokoworldA passenger is NOT a baggage! The salary of CEO and employee consists of a passenger! I don't want to use this disgusting airline never ever! I think United should get bankrupt and reconstruct!
  • khoa@anaturtl I completely agree with you. but also i think the thing escalated so quickly it's hard to react properly as you're in shock of what's happening in front of you. And in no time the doctor was dragged brutally and bleeding.
  • khoaAnd for others doing the whole "victim blaming"... The airline didn't follow procedures and United have stated this. The men dragging him didn't even follow their own common sense in this whole ordeal. Bringing up how criminal past is just an attempt to hide accountability.
  • constanceparng@tmd1018 wrong Dr. Dao. Some journalist did a shoddy job with 'research' and confused this guy with another doctor with the same name. Look it up. They now admit they made a mistake in identifying him as the doctor with the legal problems. The mix up is a fact.
  • amm0622@vwiacek then find a new physician. If he was that concerned about patients then why was he cutting his vacation so close to his next appt.'s? He's a physician...if you're waiting months to see a physician...you need a psychiatrist. Bottom line...he didn't follow the rules and was removed. Are you the same type that wants to argue anytime a cop used lethal force?
  • amm0622@smh77msc follow the rules!
  • erinrfloyd@anaturtl I don't think anyone expected them to violently force him off of the plane either though
  • jessica.pinder@pinderbird
  • debbiedeneeseHe obviously is oblivious to the flight contract which he agreed to in order to fly. It includes the possibility of being bumped, and the requirement to follow the orders of the flight crew. Interesting that he had his lawyer on speed dial. His Oscar-worthy screamfest (which occurred PRIOR to him being injured) was hilarious. Sad thing is, he is going to be rewarded for his disruptive behavior with cold hard cash...which he was planning on even prior to being removed. Dude is a parasite.
  • riseupnapaSo terrible. What a bunch of racist pigs run united.
  • gigi_tomasThe law is clear, IF a passenger is to be removed, "under no circumstances can it be done with unreasonable force or violence". -Attorney Tom Demetrio
  • titietrominetthis is getting worse for United. Shame on you, will never fly United !!!
  • v0id72@debbiedeneese people like you are the parasite'a of society!
  • deathmeatalchuckWhat if it had been Braun Stroman sitting in that seat instead of the DR. I'd love to see how that would have transpired. LOL For those of you that don't know who Stroman is. He's very big scary monster of a man. They would gather some common sense real quick if it had been someone they couldn't overpower. They could not fit enough men into the plane to remove him. what's the bump policy on that situation? Who can actually enjoy flying these days anyway. It's like getting into a big death trap filled with uncertainties. I'll just walk & swim thank you very much. I would not stand for my 4 year old daughter to witness or see or hear any of this. Does anyone consider the little childs voice and how this is deplorable and unacceptable to do infront of children. That goes for mr DR and the removers. i think they are all to blame and he told them to drag him. That's what I heard. Hey Welcome to the world the rest of us live in buddy.
  • deathmeatalchuck"What would Jesus Do?" or my favorite which doesn't mean much at all (after Obama had to legacy everything) as it did have a great impact when said which is "Be a Man""Deal with it". What does be a man actually mean in these days when men are marrying eachother and acting like 14 year old spoiled brat kids making a specticle out of anything. Here he is not being a man and dealing with it. Must be a liberal..
  • erielmj33@rothd51 with a lawyer on speed dial you really think he's not looking at dollar signs the entire time he told them to drag him off? 30yr flight attendant, it happens every day they just want a big payday and since the commander and chief didn't bomb anyone that night this guy went viral.
  • erielmj33@mschrems this time they were, but used to much force but again the Dr gave them permission
  • erielmj33@cathyphan22 they have the right to remove anyone for any reason, it's in your contract when you buy your ticket. Plus business wise. Remove 1 passenger going to Louisville or cancel a flight with 150 passengers because of no crew?
  • erielmj33@tperez92 no if it cost 500 on all airlines and 100 on United you'll be on United, that's how it works and that's how it will continue to work.
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