• arrowandappleLet the record show that @joshmakes is my hero and I'm a million times grateful to have him. Today I was like, hey can you make me all these extra storage solutions for my storage unit? And he was like Sure! And then he did it in a matter of hours. Anyway he's the best and I'm a lucky lady that's all. For many other reasons than just this, of course. 💕

  • leahtheodosisThe ladder! You guys are the best. WE NEED TO HANG OUT ALREADY SHEESH
  • luciatranGosh I need one of these husbands
  • kaitlintolkksIt looks so good!
  • jconvertiAmazing
  • newdarlingsAh this looks so good. Leave it to you two to make a storage unit look stylish. 👌🏼👏
  • inspirationnookThis has got to be the most rad looking storage unit EVER! Also that ladder is 👌🏼
  • jchamadOk, what's happening here? Are you living in the storage unit? 😊
  • vinispartyrentalsHope you have a great day!
  • kimmykwhitLooks more like a storage boutique I'd love to shop😍
  • sightsandsignsWhoa, mini fixer upper warehouse status achieved! What a transformation
  • arrowandapple@sightsandsigns haha!
  • arrowandapple@jchamad haha! It's all my staging stuff! We gotta fill 2 houses w furniture!
  • tadbitwackoWhat a rad dude! 🎉
  • etsyawards😍
  • iluvframesMarry him! 😉❤️✨
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