• howfabSee, this purse is pretty sweet. (See last post for context and the perils of my modeling career.) (Also, I meant to post this last night so it'd be like a clever continuation of our conversation but I remembered after I was in bed and my phone was soooo far away and I was so lazy so this is more like a real life convo with me where I pick up talking about things we were discussing yesterday and expect you to keep up.) (Or so my husband says.) (Purse is from @shopbando and holds a surprising amount of goods.)(Good night!) (😬👊🏼👌🏼)
  • dadspatchI think MOMA is on out To Do list next week 👍🏻😉
  • howfab@dadspatch It was really fun! There wasn't as much kid stuff as I had thought but there was plenty to keep us all happy.
  • diggity_jr😍😍
  • darciapopCool colour!
  • charliejoeshopThis is so sweet
  • ellespicsU can fit a lot of dinosaurs in there I bet!
  • cadyquotidienneLove it
  • howfab@ellespics 😂
  • cosa_mi_metto💗
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