• cococaravanOh no??? Our website is down. @squarespace hopefully get this sorted quickly as people are eager for our choc.....
    You can DM or or get in touch via info@cococaravan.com

  • cococaravanAnd we're back online again. Scary moments
  • catenailstech@cococaravan I tried and got this. After my first order arrived so quickly and was so delicious I planned to order more! I'll do it shortly.
  • cococaravan@catenailstech thank you 😊 it's working again
  • karindaskincareSplendid media!
  • mother_of_catsGlad I ordered mine last week then. 😜
  • cococaravanIt was a glitch at their end and it resulted in two people getting the wrong chocolate 🍫. Send the right ones straight away. So some are having double luck
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