• intrepidguideThis is what ‘breaking-the-fast’ looks like from 36 floors up!
    Spring has finally hit London and what better way to enjoy the sun than by drinking in the 360 degree views of London from its highest brasserie at Sky Garden.

    Get a front row seat overlooking the glistening Thames River as you savour the best of British; all from seasonal and home-grown ingredients.

    Whilst savouring my pancake stack with caramelised banana and chocolate sauce, I started to think about the origin of the name ‘Thames’. Apparently, it came into use before the Romans and was known as 'Tems' but then the Romans latinised it and called it 'Tamesis'. Most etymologists seem agree that the name 'Thames' is derived from the Sanskrit (ancient Indian) word 'Tamasa' meaning 'dark river' or 'dark water' and that the use of the word spread from India through the Celts to Britain.

    @sg_skygarden #skygarden

  • saraheytonFab shot and thank you for the info-I never knew that about the Thames!😳😬#Londoner #bornandbred #notverywellinformed😝
  • happy_pitanWhat a beautiful view!! I wish I could fly to London to enjoy a meal with you!!😋😋
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  • food_and_the_worldOMG
  • lukequineSo funny. This one makes me smile.
  • picaron33What a nice spot😆🙌💙definitely i want to go!!
  • theseplay😀 😀
  • theweiwei_xuSuper great!
  • nusadualondonHave you tried Indonesian food, visit us when you are in central London. check our IG
  • sky.a.mohammedصحه
  • j.c8888😍great
  • emretottisiperAwesome 👌🏼
  • cotonmelo75Amazing view!👌
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  • autorin_claudia_lekondraAmazing picture👍👏😎. Want to have breakfast at this place😉
  • aamandaa_nzWow!!
  • annabjorklundthompsonGreat shot! 🙌 which one of the sky garden restaurants is this? Need to book this 👌💕
  • intrepidguide@annabjorklundthompson thank you 🙌, this is #darwinbrasserie 😊
  • lilchouchouI like the view
  • hongwanyu👍👍👍👏👏👏❤
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