• sashadigiulianIt’s easy to feel a sense of inadequacy. I need to remind myself: these lats that are preventing my dress from zipping up are the tools that I have to do my sport.
    We need to have this type of correspondence with ourselves. We need to recognize what we appreciate about our bodies, highlight what we are proud of, what we’re good at, and feel inspired by, and face what we do not like. Self-esteem is the prerequisite to gender equality… We need to accept ourselves and each other and to support each other; to see each other not as competitors, but as a part of a movement to redefine standards.
    FULL article @outsidemagazine in my profile link: my journey to self acceptance.
  • jimmydaleySuch humility from such a powerful and impressive human being, such a wonderful message to all the women that look up to you @sashadigiulian no woman should ever feel shame for being strong (in whatever form that strength comes)!
  • meredith_mccormickThank you for writing this! No woman should have to apologize for being freaking ripped and strong and no one should expect a woman to have to stay super skinny and deprived in order to climb hard instead of pack on the muscle!!! #gains
  • callmecarebearThis is a great reminder, and a good lesson that I hope to carry forward as more grey hairs and laugh lines show up on me. Also a good reminder for me to try on all my businessy-business dresses before going on conference 😂 #sayyestothelats
  • dearnancGreat article ... really resonated w me :) 🤸🏻‍♀️🤸‍♂️
  • thatclimbergirlThanks girl, this was so relatable I almost cried. The other day I was putting on a dress I was thinking I might wear for my birthday this weekend and my regular size 0 dress fit everywhere except my lats!! I was upset at first because dresses just aren't made for muscley ladies but then I embraced it because I've been hitting back extra hard and didn't even realize the wings I've grown back there! Thank you for being a great influence for ladies of all ages. 💕
  • g_faga💣💣💣
  • debbiejanewyatt@jenicholas interesting article
  • jenicholas@debbiejanewyatt thanks lovely xx
  • franvaaa💜💙😍💛
  • debbiejanewyatt@_megan_wyatt_
  • haddouken@sashadigiulian dresses are overrated anyways 🙊😉
  • jonglee2009That is true beauty!!! Knowing you have taken yourself to the next level of "you" and owning the scars and changes in your body as signs of loving yourself and you truly living your life!!
  • arielleajYou are inspiring, beautiful and I'm so glad that you are exactly as you are ❤️
  • heatherberney🤜🏼🤛🏼Truth! Fashion should meet Adventure 💪🏼and respect that true beauty is shaped by strength & courage! #freedomfighter ❤️
  • marina.bundgaard@invertalex
  • dokk_89I really like your attitude, some of the female pro surfers -mainly getting attendance for their body instead of their surf- should definitely take you as a role model!
  • nagely@pat_okula she just got my mad respect
  • elizabeth_markowitz@dana_gio haha this is everything
  • willowcarms@squatch218
  • higginbottom❤❤❤🙌🏻
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