• maggiehdesignAnyone want to come over and help me put all of my scrapbook layouts into albums? I have quite a few stacks of pages that haven't made it to their permanent home yet! Do you do the same thing or do you put them into albums right away? #cratepaper #maggieholmes #maggieholmeschasingdreams #scrapbooking

  • morg88I will come help you!
  • createplannernl🙋🏻
  • kellybird74I would love to!! I haven't seen you in SO long!!
  • wendeebirdPutting layouts into albums is the best part! I will happily come help you out!
  • sa_scullyI put mine straight away! I'll help!
  • zsokamarkoNo 😓 ever since I started scrapbooking 2 years ago, none of the pages made it into an album (about 1000)...I'm not going chronologically plus albums are so expensive here! I feel your pain, good luck 😘
  • pinkdenim_daisyI have memory cases of random pages
  • sarahbargoSo pretty! 💕
  • sherbondylori@blue_suzie and @rice612 How are you girls doing with putting pages away. I have most of mine in albums now, but can't wait to making more in a few weekends with you girls!
  • erikaschwitzer🙋. I would love to help you too!!
  • austinlovelyLovely! I put them in right away. 😉 That's the best part for me.
  • desireesscrapbooknookGosh, I hope this makes sense @maggiehdesign. I don't scrapbook in chronological order but I have one album that is WIP that if I do a layout that is in the same year as that album then I file it away. Right now it is my son's 2009 and my daughter's is 2010. It is about when they were two. All layouts that I do that is not in those years I put in a Iris container and eventually they will be put in albums. 😊
  • desireesscrapbooknookP. S. I would love to come over and help you put them away. I'll be honest though , I would get sidetracked with all of your scrapbook goodies.
  • bevnoelleSome I do out in an album straight away but I don't scrap chronologically & I have no plan at all, just scrap what feels right on the day/in the moment. I do try to have specific albums for trios etc so they are slightly easier to keep track of.
  • shargirl72I don't put them in albums... I put them into wooden crates loose so I can just shuffle through them.
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