Spa time 🙏🏻 Quite literally one of my favorite things I've ever done in Bangkok was spending the day at a Japanese onsen in Thonglor. The design had me drooling, the treatments had me melting and the public nudity had me feeling free! (Don't worry, its separated by gender! And it takes just a couple minutes to get used to.)

I was with my Finnish friend Päivi who was so happy to be at a sauna she nearly cried. Thank goodness she was there to show me the ropes! Despite the modern design this onsen is very traditional and we were the only non-Japanese customers there the entire four hours we spent there.

If you're looking for a very relaxing taste of Japan in Bangkok, head here! And no, this isn't sponsored. I'm just addicted to spas... Photo by @letsrelaxspa_th, because cameras weren't allowed or obvious reasons. Dreaming of heading back here for a photo shoot someday!
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