• theequalityinstitute“Whilst shooting [this image] it occured to me that I was, and am, experiencing conflicting thoughts about my participation in an activity which, in the eyes of today’s society, should be reserved for thinner, more able-bodied people. On one hand my brain tells me to follow this narrow-minded belief system, as anything contrary to this creates a sense of discomfort and uncertainty about the unknown and unfamiliar. At the same time, and on the other hand, my efforts to unlearn this internalised ableism seek to share and encourage diversity, with the understanding that discomfort is a good thing and discourages from remaining within a comfort zone and sheltered perspective. I am expecting others to show acceptance and inclusion, but at the same time battle with shame, guilt and self-consciousness about including myself in a society which is not for ‘people like me’.⠀
    Unlearning ableism takes time.⠀
    Unlearning ableism does not follow a linear pattern.⠀
    Unlearning ableism is just as important for me as it is for non-disabled people.”⠀
    @rvbyallegra, our #wcw 🙌⠀

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  • kweensandgreensWonderful words.
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