Day to night heels that won't hurt your feet. #HWDailyJourney
  • heatwaveshoeshqDay to night heels that won't hurt your feet. #HWDailyJourney

  • jenncpyI made my order last friday and then emailed to customer service with no reply till now, and i made another enquiry through your enquiry form but no reply as well till today?
  • heatwaveshoeshq@jenncpy Hi there! We apologize for the delay as our cs team might have missed out on your email. Do let us get back to you shortly!
  • jenncpyUnfortunately the parcel has arrived. I needed them to punch additional holes on the buckle straps
  • heatwaveshoeshq@jenncpy Hi there, apologies that we're unable to assist you on that as our shoes are housed in a separate logistic facility and shipments are sent out by a third party provider so we are unable to accede to your request. Appreciate the understanding thank you!
  • jenncpyIts alright. Made my second order! :)
  • heatwaveshoeshqThat's great to hear, we hope that you'd love your shoes as much as we do!
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