• tonykanalHappy 17th Birthday ROS! I'm particularly proud of this album and consider it one of our finest achievements #NoDoubt
  • briannacalelloMy faaaaaaavorite!
  • nxdmusicIt is! Such an incredible album! Still my favorite.
  • airwreckah8My favorite ND album of all. Still listen to today! ❤️
  • amberleraeYep, it was the best
  • carlysi_xThis post makes me so happy ❤️❤️❤️
  • a_zucco__YESSSSS ✊🏽💘💙😻
  • _b.k.fugh my favorite
  • osmellysotoAwwee so memories. One of the best
  • spookydumont❤️❤️❤️
  • michaelmedina1Love this album
  • ang_sayMy absolute favorite album for sure. No Doubt forever, for real!
  • ei_delgadoHell yeahs! Album is totally timeless🙌🏻
  • beastbullheadAll time listen this album love it muy fav song NEW :)
  • angie85bMy favorite. Listened to it all through high school.
  • mashedpotaras"Comforting Lie" and the rest of this album inspired me to appreciate and try learning bass.
  • lizinil15Love this album!!
  • nicolemarieponceBest ever!
  • cellalibraShit. I'm old.
  • della_morte_artsI still listen to this album all the time. It has resonated with me for 17 years. It has spoken to me at so many different points of my life. I will be forever grateful to your band for sharing this album with us.
  • simoneyavarFuck I am old....
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