#baby giggles are the best! #longday #momlife #babyboy
  • gamingangel#baby giggles are the best! #longday #momlife #babyboy

  • cr1xleeI need to meet Pumpkin and Patch sooooooon!!
  • mandy_ellSo sweet!
  • gamingangel@cr1xlee yes!!!
  • mofairlyThat smile!! It looks like his band is lower on one side in the front? How long does he have to wear it?
  • gamingangel@mofairly it is. :( I don't know if it's a fit problem or because his ears are slightly off. They think 6-8 weeks. This is week one.
  • melissa_dellIt will always be a bit loose. But if it's pressing on his ears too much - they'll them so they can see about adjusting. We had to have them shave some for Ryan. Prayers mama. I promise it will be worth it and it will soon be a distant memory
  • party_postmanSo cool!!
  • mofairly@gamingangel Hang in there! I'm sure they know what they're doing. We're about halfway through and it's gone pretty fast, I think.
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