Happy Birthday Pravin!!! He's probably had happier birthdays but here's some love from us in any case || #gordhan #ministry #politics #happybirthday  #birthday #smile #april #struggle #southafrica
  • sa_historyHappy Birthday Pravin!!! He's probably had happier birthdays but here's some love from us in any case || #gordhan #ministry #politics #happybirthday #birthday #smile #april #struggle #southafrica

  • vusinelaniHappy birthday to President Jacob Gedleyihlekisa Zuma and to Cde Pravin Gordhan. Hope the @sa_history will feature President Zuma's birthday wishes too!
  • 51f150Where's the President's birthday wish @sa_history ?
  • sa_history@vusinelani you are absolutely right - we've got the President featured on our front page already for today. We're just making sure that the former minister also gets represented 🍾
  • vusinelaniW😕W great choice of picture, you might as well have taken a Zapiro cartoon!
  • sa_history@51f150 We only post one insta post a day and already have the President on our website front page. Of course happy birthday to JZ too!
  • sa_history@vusinelani sorry you feel that way
  • vusinelani@51f150 They even had PW Botha featured on their instagram but won't feature President Zuma😕
  • vusinelani@sa_history I'm sorry you're sorry 👍
  • sa_history@vusinelani We believe in telling an inclusive history of South Africa, not a politically motivated one.
  • 51f150@sa_history fair enough. I hope you understand what it might look like from our end. I would expect your org to be non-partisan and non factionalist in your documentation and commemoration of our history. Thanks for your clarification.
  • sa_history@51f150 that is spot on and exactly what we strive for. Striking the right balance is not always easy because naturally, each of us has a perfectly legitimate claim as to what or who deserves to be remembered and how. As we have Zuma on our front page, I elected to put Gordhan on our insta feed and I stand by that. How would it look if we only covered the President?
  • 51f150We'll, you directed me to your website post about Zuma and I said fair enough. I think we agree fundamentally about balance and I don't see why we have to get hypothetical about only covering the president. I was reacting and dealing with what I saw and have thanked you for clarifying.
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