• leahcullisThe New York Times today — The Latest Test for the White House? Pulling Off Its Easter Egg Roll
    “No one has reached out to me about the 2017 event,” said Leah Cullis, the yogi who coordinated the Yoga Garden for all eight of the Obamas’ Easter Egg Rolls.
    This event is so close to my heart, I’m saddened to hear that it’s not a priority for the current occupants of the White House. Thank you @michelleobama and everyone who worked tirelessly to elevate this event every year with the intention to inspire America’s youth to lead healthy and active lives.
    This photo is from last year - me teaching and @mcyogi working his magic. Thank you to all the incredible teachers who shared and played in the yoga garden!
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  • alison_adams_01068 years strong! Good work @leahcullis! #grateful 🙏🏽
  • clemmers💖🐰🌷
  • obamafamily_forever_44Maybe the Obamas will host one at their new home of somewhere? Because this administration won't do it.
  • obamafamily_forever_44I suggest you make sure you're in touch with Michelle
  • christysmithfitness💗💗💗
  • jenrachuyThank you for your commitment to this event over the last 8 years!! I'm certain you made a difference ❤️
  • ashleyswirskyAmazing Leah! 8 wonderful years and I know you impacted our youth for the better. Seriously grateful to you and The Obamas ❤️❤️❤️
  • rhvick01😢😢😢
  • samileaOh man! Heartbreaking news that this amazing event and all your annual work may be a thing of the past. Hopefully it's just a year off! Sending blessings!
  • 10000buddhasLove you @leahcullis so grateful @mcyogi and I were part of those events. Seeing all the families come together from across the nation to practice yoga on the White House lawn, it was a moment in history I can be proud of
  • avantaylorUgh. Where to start?! Without getting overly political here? @chelsealovesyoga and I were just on the White House website Sat, seeing what they were up to and speaking your gorgeous name, and giving thanks for the door you opened for all of us to come through. And, we were THERE!!!! We shall not loose sight that this step backwards cannot and will not alter the #longarc of progress that is in motion (paraphrasing from #barackobama) All my love, gratitude and respect ✊🏽Doing what I love on the White House lawn with the ppl of my country has truly been one of the highlights of my life.
  • chelsealovesyogaSo very grateful for the space you co-created with so many amazing humans over the 8 years of the Obama Admin. 108 times grateful that I was included and had an opportunity to teach and practice with our beautifully diverse country in the White House lawn. 🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾
  • leahcullis@10000buddhas 💚you guys and missing you today!
  • leahcullis@avantaylor thank you! And thanks for all you've done to make this an amazing event over the years. Couldn't have done it without you 💚
  • avantaylor@leahcullis thank you mama!!!! #always #wanderbubble
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