• erintelford__This is not an energy that I like to engage with but I've been noticing it so I wanted to offer a few thoughts on jealousy and competition.
    If you're judging me, that's your problem. Those are YOUR places to heal around your own self-criticism, self-judgment and self worth.
    If I'm judging you, that's my problem. Those are MY places to heal around my own self-criticism, self-judgment and self worth.
    If you feel jealous of someone, GREAT. That means you've identified something that you want. Put that jealousy to work by pushing yourself a little harder to create more, show up more and get comfortable being more visible.
    I'm not in competition with anyone. I'm f*cking psyched for you if you're successful. Truly. I love seeing other people do what they love and get recognized and get paid. It inspires me and pushes me to share more and give more.
    If I'm just out for an easy chill jog and you're running past me high-fiving yourself and thinking about how you're crushing me with how fast you are...and I'm just outside to get my blood moving a little bit and I don't even like running but I'm watching you thinking "wow, she's quick! Go girl!" Are we competing? NO WE'RE NOT. It takes two to compete. You're doing you. I'm doing me.
    I don't believe in the whole societal conditioning around "women competing with other women" thing. It's a choice. Choose what feels good. Celebrate your sisters and brothers. Help them out when you can. Keep your eyes on your own contribution and make it phenomenal 💗
    📷: @iheartsocial.us with super babes @Gabbywong88 & @andreapraet

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  • erintelford__@naturalmagicnatalie I truly don't like running but it felt like a good metaphor 🙌🏻😂😂💓
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  • erintelford__@jacquelyntierney Not my vibe, not my tribe 💗
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  • erintelford__@365points thank you Shabnam! I really look forward to meeting and working with you!
  • erintelford__@thesoberglow It is. Why bother competing when you can be celebrating? ✌🏻💗
  • onewomaneffectDeep bows and all my love and respect. I couldn't agree more.
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